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<b>Yo-Yo ROM upgrade not forthcoming?

Yo-Yo ROM upgrade not forthcoming?

A reader sent me the following: "I ordered a ROM upgrade in January. I was told that the ROM's were on backorder due to an upgrade. When it came in, in about 4-6 weeks, they would ship a new Yo-Yo to me and I would ship the old one back to them. I heard nothing until mid-April. I received an order number. In mid-April, I called to find out what happened to my ROM upgrade. A very nice lady told me that Big Island had changed its ROM upgrade policy. Now, to receive a ROM upgrade, I would have to mail in my old Yo-Yo first; a new one would be mailed to me within a week. I asked why no one thought to tell me about the new policy and received silence. I mailed in my Yo-Yo, and heard nothing for a month. So I called, and was told that Big Island is getting out of the Macintosh arena 'because Apple is refocusing on graphics and education.' One additional bug-fix release for Yo-Yo for Macintosh 2.0 might possibly be released. Regarding my ROM upgrade, I was told that Big Island currently has no employee available to process the upgrades, and that, when an employee becomes available, my upgrade will be processed."