<b>Troubleshooting Microsoft Office 98: a follow-up and more reports

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office 98: a follow-up and more reports

Microsoft issues page A Microsoft web page now covers the "Remove Office 98 Utility Problem" and the "Memo/Resume Wizard Problem" as covered here yesterday.

Remove Office 98 utility and deletion of your System Folder A clarification from yesterday's report: Although there is still some uncertainty about this, it now seems likely that the Remove Office 98 utility does not automatically delete your System Folder (if the Microsoft Office 98 library file is located there). Rather, it moves the Folder to your Trash. If you discover this before emptying your Trash, you should be able to save the Folder from deletion. In any case, Microsoft should soon be posting an updated version of the utility, rendering all of this moot. Similarly, bear in mind that this problem can never occur during use of the main Office applications. It is restricted to the use of the Remove Office utility. (Thanks, Chris Evans and others.)

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