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BT Infinity adds four more towns for 40Mbps broadband

BT has announced that Burley, Capel, Lindfield and Marton will be the next four towns to be wired up with extra-fast broadband. Will you be benefiting?

BT has announced the next four towns to be wired up with extra-fast broadband. Four towns in Yorkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Warwickshire will be cabled up to the 40Mbps BT Infinity  fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband service.

Step right up if you live in Burley in Yorkshire, Capel in Surrey, Lindfield in West Sussex or Marton in Warwickshire. If you're lucky enough to live in one of these picturesque market towns you'll be enjoying extra-fast Web surfing by early next year.

Caxton in Cambridgeshire and Malvern in Worcestershire were the first towns to receive 1,000 votes and be guaranteed infinite broadband. Local residents were asked to vote for their town, so that speeded-up broadband arrived in the areas with the greatest demand. Baschurch in Shropshire, Blewbury in Oxfordshire, Madingley in Cambridgeshire, Innerleithen on the Scottish borders, and Whitchurch in Hampshire are also in line to receive the 40Mbps service.

Virgin Media launched its 100Mbps broadband service in December, serving Web surfers in Heckmondwike, Farnborough, Colchester and Barry.

BT Infinity is set to launch in early 2012. Do you live in an area that will benefit -- or are you stuck in a broadband notspot? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.