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Brownie edge lovers, rejoice

The edge-baking brownie pan gets an upgrade, and every brownie can now have four crunchy edges.

Edges, count off: One, two, three, four... Amazon

If you were a fan of the Bakers Edge brownie pan, whose twisted construction created at least two chewy edges on every piece, then you'll flip for the Slice Solutions 11 inch by 7 inch Precut Brownie Pan Set.

The pan comes with a metal insert that is pressed into the raw batter before you stick it into the oven. When the pan comes out, every piece has four delicious, chewy edges to wrap your teeth around. This means that you won't come back to your brownie pan to find a gooey chocolate island, totally devoid of edge pieces.

Outside of the taste factor, a pan full of edge-covered brownies can have other benefits. I'd be much more likely to fork out $2 for a bake sale brownie if it came with four intact edges than if it came with four jagged ones. Plus, since financial hard times make Christmas shopping more difficult than ever, you can wrap individual brownies in pretty wrapping paper, call them chocolate cakes, and save a bundle on wool socks and gift cards.

You can pick up one of the Precut Brownie Pans on Amazon for $19.95.