Brick oven pizza from the comfort of your home

I love the taste of a pizza fresh from a brick oven. To get that taste at home, I need a personal brick oven. Cuisinart's Brick Oven Deluxe model fits that bill.

The Brick Oven Deluxe Cuisinart

My favorite pizza place in the world claims the secret to those amazing pies is its brick oven. I've made pizza at home time and again, and I think they're right. You just don't get that perfectly baked crust out of the standard oven. A pizza stone helps, but for the serious pizza fan, a personal brick oven might be a better option.

Cuisinart has a countertop oven perfect for stone-baked pizza and bread. It's called the Brick Oven Deluxe. The oven is actually built around genuine bricks surrounding 0.9 cubic feet of baking space, enough room for a full-size loaf of bread. You can crank this baby up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit--exactly the temperature my favorite pizza dough recipe requires. It also comes with two racks, for multilevel cooking, and nonstick coating, for easy clean up.

The Brick Oven Deluxe retails for around $250. It's not a gadget you might pick up on a whim. If you're a serious baker though, you'll be able to get the functionality that you've been pleading with your current oven to provide. And, if you ever get bored of baking with it, the description says you can also use it to broil and toast.

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