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Bread maker bakes in a scale

Some appliances and kitchen gadgets go well together. Some go so well together it's hard to tell where one starts and the other ends.

Fresh bread tastes better in a clean kitchen.
Fresh bread tastes better in a clean kitchen. HSN

Kitchen tools are only useful when they can be found.

Counter space is a valuable commodity in any kitchen. Not only does increased area allow for easy navigation during prep work and cooking, but it also makes finding things a whole lot easier. Gadgets and appliances have a tendency to find themselves tucked away in all manner of nooks and crannies as we manipulate them into ever smaller and smaller spaces. And then sometimes, they are hidden in plain view.

The Wolfgang Puck 2.5-pound Automatic Breadmaker with Scale ($179.95) brings together the cooking and the prep work necessary for producing a delicious homemade loaf of bread. The countertop appliance supplies a variety of modes to make it easy for baking a number of breads. Included are options allowing for everything from a basic white and a whole wheat bread, to programs allowing for dough and jam. There is even a gluten-free option as well as one for simply kneading dough.

Specialty breads are easy to bake as the machine provides for simple operation. An automatic fruit and nut dispenser mixes in add-ins at the appropriate time while the detachable electronic scale allows for accurate measurement of ingredients. As for the kitchen that doesn't get turned inside-out while digging about for the scale--just consider that a bonus.