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Bread Bag makes for warm rolls at the table

Bread Bag adds comfort to dining in a simple stylish way.

Magnets around the top can keep the bag closed for warm rolls. Uma

I never met a bread I didn't like. From French, rye, or sourdough, all the way through to the mysterious-sounding pumpernickel, bread has been a delicious and nutritious staple in my life. Even that squishy white stuff once had a place in my heart (although I was a kid then).

With a life-long affinity towards grainy goodness, I tend to notice bread-related products when they a-rise. (Sorry). This Bread Bag from Uma is simple in nature, but elegant in execution. With four magnets along the opening, the bag can be closed to keep bread warm at the table. This is primarily a serving device, so you are still going to knead (OK, OK, last one--I promise) an alternate method for storage.

As we all know, leaving bread out on the counter causes it to quickly dry out. However, when wrapped in a plastic bag and refrigerated, the bread suffocates. A breadbox is the time-tested method for storing bread. It allows the bread to breathe, and in essence bathe in its own humidity. It is essential that a breadbox not be air tight--the moisture given off by the bread has to circulate.

While breadboxes may be handy to have for storage, they make for lousy serving devices. For the table, warm rolls or slices of bread add much to the dining experience. Settled in and at ease, little can compete with the pure comfort of a bag of fresh, warm bread.