<b>Ram Doubler 2.0.2 and web browser conflicts: a follow-up

Ram Doubler 2.0.2 and web browser conflicts: a follow-up


Regarding the report last time that RAM Doubler 2.0.2 may cause increased system crashes (or other errors) when using Netscape Navigator or Communicator, reader reaction was split.

Several users confirmed the problem, adding that it extended to Microsoft Internet Explorer as well. About an equal number of users said they did not have the problem, some even claiming that updating to 2.0.2 decreased their frequency of system crashes. One reader suggested that some of these problems might be linked to the Netscape Conferencing extension QTCH245 Library (disabling it should solve the problem).

Perhaps the definitive answer (for now) comes from Gerald Klein, who had the Doubler/browser conflict and received the following reply from Connectix on the subject: "We have received reports similar to yours. The internal GeoPort modems and RAM Doubler sometimes don't get along. We are looking into the problem. Try these steps and let me know the results:

Enable RAM Doubler.
Turn off AppleTalk.
Turn off anything that runs in the background (anti-virus software, screen savers, etc.)
Increase your cache (Memory control panel) to 2048.
If that doesn't work, you can return RAM Doubler for a refund."

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