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<b>Praise for Dantz technical support

Praise for Dantz technical support

I am happy to take yet another break from the reports of bugs, problems and glitches that fill this page each day and offer some undiluted praise. This time it is from Ken Clinkenbeard, who speaks highly of Dantz (makers of Retrospect) tech support:

"I have always received top notch support from Dantz. For example, a couple of weeks ago, I mailed them some questions about problems and feature requests. About four hours later, I got a telephone call from Dantz customer service/tech support that addressed every one of my points and suggested solutions for each. That was good enough, I thought, but yesterday I received a note and a modified AppleScript from one of the vice-presidents of the company that answered one of my requests. I don't think this kind of support should go unnoticed."

Update: Several more readers wrote to concur with this assessment. Kudos to Dantz!