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<b>PowerLogix's PowerForce G3 upgrade cards and Adaptec 2940UW adapter

PowerLogix's PowerForce G3 upgrade cards and Adaptec 2940UW adapter

In his MacWEEK review of PowerLogix's PowerForce G3 upgrade cards, Henry Norr notes: "In the PowerWave (from Power Computing) we continued to have intermittent startup problems, apparently because of a timing conflict with an Adaptec 2940UW adapter."

Dave Stevens emailed me to describe the same problem. He wrote to PowerLogix about this and they replied: "We have an Adaptec 2940UW here working in a PowerCenter with G3 without difficulty, and we have been unable to duplicate any problems. We've tested in PowerCenters and 9500s among many other machines. This is our number one tech priority right now, so the sooner we get feedback the sooner we can find out what is going on."

Newer Technology had reported similar problems with the initial versions of their MAXpowr Pro cards, but have since fixed this (as described previously on MacFixIt).