<b>PowerBook 3400 modem fix

PowerBook 3400 modem fix

O'Grady's PowerPage is reporting that a software fix for the disconnect problem with PowerBook 3400 modems (see previous MacFixIt item) should be out soon.

Update: I have obtained a copy of these new drivers and will report back on how they work next time.

PowerBook 3400 and external modem issue Rob Costain had problems using his Global Village Teleport 33.6 Internet Edition using OT/PPP on a PowerBook 3400. The internal modem worked fine. He found that the GV modem would work if he disabled Mac OS 8's Internet Access Extension

CD-ROM ToolKit does not support new PowerBooks O'Grady also reports: "FWBs CD-ROM Toolkit 3.0 does not support any drive in the expansion bay of the PowerBook 1400/3400. According to an FWB representative they are working on supporting the expansion bay in a future release."

PalmPilot I recently acquired a PalmPilot Personal PDA. I find myself using it constantly. It's great for having access to critical to-do and appointment items, without needing to lug my PowerBook 3400 around to do so. And its "hot-sync" capability with the Mac is as smooth as promised. In fact, contrary to a comment in a review of the Pilot in the latest issue of Mac Home Journal, I was able to hot-sync to my PowerBook 3400 (the article suggested that this would not work because the 3400 has a single combined printer/modem serial port). I did have some initial problems, but they were solved by following USR tech support's suggestion to start up with extensions off and the Pilot's serial port cable not plugged in. Then plug in the cable. After this, I could hot sync immediately and continue to do so on subsequent "normal" restarts. I was even able to hot-sync using the Pilot's Windows software running under Connectix' VirtualPC. Hint: do not load thevarious games available for the Pilot unless you want to waste many hours of your day. I was especially impressed with the PocketChess game.

2Gb Jaz drive coming? (and reliability issues of the current drive) MacInsider is reporting that Iomega will release a 2Gb version of its Jaz drive in November (it will mount current 1Gb cartridges). Now they tell me! I currently have my current Jaz drive in for repair for an inability to format cartridges. More generally, NewMedia has been tracking reliability problems with Jaz and Zip drives and recently posted a reply from Iomega on the subject. MacInTouch has also been covering this. In my case, I received one report indicating that my problem was due to defects in a particular firmware batch, although APS (the vendor for my Jaz drive) denied this.

POP vs. SMTP (and an AppleShare MailServer problem) A TIL file briefly explains the difference between POP3 and SMTP server functions. The former is for incoming mail; the latter is for outgoing. On a related note, another TIL file reports: "Apple Computer is aware of a problem that occurs when running AppleShare IP MailServer services with Power Macintosh computers equipped with a 604e processor (Mach 5) with inline cache."

Update: Several readers (especially Wade Albright and Andrew Shieh) have let me know that my summary of POP3 vs. SMTP was not entirely correct. In particular: SMTP handles both incoming and outgoing mail. SMTP passes the incoming mail off to a POP server if the mail has a local destination.

FreePPP disables screen savers: a follow-up According to reader reports, the problem between FreePPP and Sleeper, reported last time, extends to After Dark as well. It is probably a problem between FreePPP and all screen savers.

Netscape speed Kurt Kroeger claims that Navigator 4.03 is very slow on a 68040 only if it is starved for RAM (under Mac OS 8 you need at least 20Mb of physical RAM for it to run well). Also note that (as I have found), for all versions of Navigator on all platforms, having your disk cache set to an appropriately high level can improve speed dramatically (as compared to a default setting of 96K). Finally, Paul Beeken offered this possibly related note: "Java isn't loaded when the 4.03 application is launched, so it is very slow when launching the initial Java enabled page." Others have noted this too.

Illustrator 7.0.1 fix Tom Cheney reports that the recent Illustrator 7.0.1 update seems to have solved the problem of opening files previously saved as Illustrator 6 files.

ATR deluxe glitch? Moore claims that Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe 2.0 must load before Contextual Menu Extension and Enabler for it to work.

Freehand glitch? M. Murooka writes that after upgrading to Mac OS 8, "I reinstalled Freehand 7.0, and the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.02 from Macromedia. Now I can't open the application at all ! Not even getting the splash screen anymore."

Update: Several readers have said that they do not have this problem.

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