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Bosch's microhood combination is a sleek, roomy oven

A review of the Bosch 1.8-cubic-foot over-the-range microhood combination.

You won't find halogen lights or speed cook features on this sleek Bosch over-the-range microhood combination, but the oven does provide a lot of room and basic cooking power for kitchens where space is tight.

At 60 pounds, this microhood has 1,000 watts of cooking power and 1.8 cubic feet of cooking space. It's big and powerful enough for a large family or group use and is more affordable than some of the power-cooking models with convection options in its class.

A microhood with the power to serve a group. Bosch

The outside of this oven has electronic touch controls and 10 power levels to choose from. There are options for the one-touch cooking of pizza, potatoes, popcorn or vegetables -- or you can auto-select cooking times. A reheat sensor is a helpful feature that prevents food from overcooking or undercooking. The sensor uses infrared light or steam emitted by the food to determine whether what's cooking is done.

Inside, this microhood has a 12-inch glass turntable, a bi-level cooking rack, and two lights to illuminate your food. It has a child lockout option to prevent unintentional use.

Venting is something to consider when installing microhoods as these models vent themselves and the range below, which can be problematic. With microhoods, the air either vents to the outside or is recycled within the kitchen, an option that requires a charcoal filter that isn't always included when you buy.

This model comes equipped with Bosch's integrated 300CFM two-speed vent system that controls fumes and odor. A charcoal filter is included.

Two reviewers of this model on shareddiffering opinionson its performance. One reviewer claimed that the sensor heating is completely inaccurate: "It overcooks and splashes liquid food or burns the solid food. Timer cooking is completely uneven: for example, parts of potatoes are raw and other parts are burnt. We can use it only for heating up soup or water for tea." Another buyer found the model fantastic: "It cooks great and looks amazing. No hot spots with the food and we love the shelf inside. Definitely a great buy!"

The microhood costs about $514.99. It comes in stainless steel, white, titanium, and black.