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Odds and Ends

Internet Config Preferences file redux Regarding the suggestion last time to protect your Internet Config settings by locking the Preferences file, Adam Frix claims that this can be a source of other problems: "When the file's locked, all sorts of functionality goes away - specifically, the ability of IE4 to deal with secure sites such as my 401(k) account at Fidelity, my bank account information at Star Bank, my Discover Card account information, and so on." On the plus side, he found that after deleting the Internet Preferences file, the helper links (that had been changed by IE4 when he first installed it) returned to Internet Config's default settings. These defaults were closer to what he wanted. He still had to redo any custom changes. By the way, much of IE's settings are now handled by Microsoft's Configuration Manager control panel (installed as part of Microsoft Office 98). Check it out.

Desktop printing "endless loop" and Configuration file A recent Apple TIL #30413 (also mentioned here on MacFixIt previously) describes a "Macintosh Desktop Printing: 'Endless Loop' Issue." It lists a work-around for the problem (and also notes that the problem should not occur under Mac OS 8.1). Tom Powers claims to have discovered another work-around: "I found that there was an invisible file in the Desktop Printer 'folder' called 'Configuration.' This file is used by the OS to define a folder as a desktop printer. Deleting this file (via any program that can 'see' invisible files, such as DiskTop) solved the problem. The trick still requires first booting from an unlocked disk other than the startup disk that has the problem."

Update: Another TIL file (#18107) comments on related problems: "If you try to create a Desktop Printer when the Desktop Printer Spooler is not in the System Folder, multiple Desktop Printers are generated. The only way to stop this is to reboot with extensions off. This is fixed with Desktop PrintMonitor v1.0.2 and later. A similar problem can occur if your system crashes while a spool file is being generated. The only resolution if this happens is to restart with extensions off and remove the spool file from the PrintMonitor Documents folder."

PointCast's Apple Channel does not update? Jim Corebett claims that he could not get PointCast's Apple Channel to update. The title bar indicates it is updating the channel but nothing changes. He contacted PointCast Technical Support about this. They replied: "The update problem with the Apple Channel has been reported to the product development team. PointCast has contacted Apple and both companies are working to determine the cause of the problem."

TechTool Pro 2 According to MicroMat, TechTool Pro 2 is shipping today.

Free version of PGP Network Associates now has a freeware version of their PGP email security program: PGPfreeware 5.5.

20th Anniversary Mac web site If you took advantage of the great price and bought a 20th Anniversary Mac (or even if you got one at the original absurdly high price), you may want to check out a new web site devoted to the care and feeding of these machines. (Thanks, Sajid Martin)

Macinsearch.com has "launched its news Macintosh web site directory, giving users access to thousands of shareware programs and web site links using a categorized, easy to navigate layout."

MacReviewZone is "an independent sibling site to MacSpeedZone. MacReviewZone indexes in 'Yahoo-like' fashion all online hardware reviews by MacAddict, Mac Home Journal, MacWeek and Macworld since January of 97."

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