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Odds &amp; Ends

GoMac and Kaleidoscope conflict Marc Rieger writes: "Since I updated from Protean's GoMac 1.3.1 to 1.4, my version of Kaleidoscope (1.7.2) wouldn't work. When trying to open the Kaleidoscope control panel, I got the an error message that said the file couldn't be opened because the file is already in use. The work-around was to have Kaleidoscope load before GoMac 1.4." This conflict was also reported to MacCentral, who received the following reply from Proteron: "Our developers now know what the problem is and have convinced us that they will have a fix within the week."

POWERtools X Factor clones The MRP has been following the issue of POWERtools X Factor clones and the legalities of selling these 750 CPU equipped machines.

Update: Victor Wong of POWERtools writes: regarding PowerTools and the new X-Factor line of computers: "We are fully capable and allowed to build and ship these computers. Apple has not and will not take our license away as per personal conversations with the MacOS licensing group in California."

More from the MRP Two other recent tidbits noted on the MRP:
Loaded as a control panel, Finder View Settings 1.0 causes a freeze when File Sharing is starting up; Version 1.0.1 fixes the problem.
La Cie has posted the SyQuest version of their Silverlining Lite 2.1.1 driver.

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