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Odds &amp; Ends

Timbuktu Pro 4.0.2 (previously noted here) is now out.

OTSessionWatcher 1.0.1 "allows you to examine the data transmitted through Open Transport TCP streams. This is useful for debugging network applications and network problems, learning about networking protocols, or watching for strange or unwanted TCP traffic."

FinderPop 1.5.2 is out. It fixes a number of minor bugs, adds an "Empty Trash" feature (only if you have the "Desktop" submenu enabled.) "Grabbing" should now work all the time instead of intermittently as it did previously. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

Update: Version 1.5.3 was released today! It fixes a problem with the Empty Trash feature.

GearBox 1.5 has been released. "GearBox is a utility for connecting online, maintaining multiple Internet configurations, monitoring connection status and diagnosing problems. Version 1.5 includes more comprehensive modem support, simplified importing of settings, improved connection and corrupt preferences diagnostics, and better stability with Mac OS 8. There is a free updater for registered users.

Yamaha CDR firmware updater problem? Joshua Tangeman writes: "Do not use the Yamaha CDR400_I firmware updater (mentioned here previously in regard to problems with G3 Macs). I ran it and my drive is now completely useless. It no longer responds and I can't even get the tray to open. CD-ROM ToolKit tells me that the drive is not ready and both indicator lights are locked on. Even powering down the system and trying to update again has no effect."

Apple 233MHz Processor Card and the Power Mac 9500 Last time, we mentioned an Apple TIL file that listed what Mac models are compatible with Apple's 233MHz Processor Card. Conspicuous in its absence was the Power Mac 9500. A couple of readers suggested this was an oversight in the TIL, and that the card should work in the 9500 (although I have not seen this confirmed by Apple as yet).

MAXpowr deal Bottom Line is offering the Newer Technology MAXpowr 604e-200MHz Upgrade Card for a special price of $219.99.

Mercutio MDEF patch Today's MacInTouch covers a crashing bug involving "Mercutio MDEF." According to Jorg Brown, it's more common than you might think. While a fix is apparently in the works, Jorg wrote a small patch that already fixes it.

Update: Alan German found that this extension crashed Timbuktu 3.0.2. Jorg released version 1.0.1 of MercutioGuard, which fixes this problem by disabling itself when Timbuktu is running. [Version 1.0.1 is now at the MacInTouch link.]

Jorg also notes that Digital Alchemy (developers of Mercutio MDEF) claims that the bug only happens on multiple monitor machines.

Another reader claimed that his Power Mac 7500 crashed as the Finder was loading on his first startup after he installed the extension. It had never crashed like this before.

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