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Odds &amp; Ends

Grammarian conflict with Retro.Startup? Ed Prasek (of the MacHome Journal) writes that, after installing Casady & Greene's Grammarian, his Mac froze when the Grammarian registration screen appeared at startup. He determined that Retrospect's Retro.Startup extension was the cause. With the extension disabled, registration proceeded without a hitch. After that, the extension could be re-enabled without a problem. Casady & Greene confirmed the conflict.

Surf Express still has problems? Readers are reporting avariety of problems getting the new Surf Express 1.1.3 Updater to work. Several people cannot even get it to download; the download stalls in mid-progress (I have regularly had this problem myself). Simon Finch could not get the update to install over version 1.1.2; he had to reinstall 1.1.1 to successfully update. Others continue to report problems with unexpected quits, freezes and inability to make a network connection, all of which disappear when Surf Express is disabled.

Update: Lin Osborne reports that she had "no problems downloading, updating from v1.1.2, or using Surf Express 1.1.3." She adds that she does not use Internet Config.

PopChar: a work-around for Word 98 circumflex bug Regarding the problem with Word 98 not printing certain characters that use a circumflex (mentioned here last time): Kuba Tatarkiewicz writes that if you use PopChar or PopChar Lite to create the character and then paste it into Word, the problem is avoided.

A web page on common Internet file formats Regarding the Apple TIL file on common Internet file formats, noted here last time, Kevin Adey reports a web page with a similar listing. (Thanks, Kevin Adey.)

Hard drive spin up during sleep: beyond the 8600 Regarding the Apple TIL file on hard drive spin ups during sleep with a Power Mac 8600, noted here last time, several readers that they have the same problem in other PCI Mac models. It appears to be a more general problem.

PrintMaster Gold does not print double-sided Marc Beezy writes: "PrintMaster Gold 4.0 will not print double-sided documents. Mindscape has told me they are working on this problem and will release a fix soon."

Update: Chuck Garrett adds: "If PMG is running from an HFS Plus volume, it will not recognize address books created from within the program, hence the remind function will not work."

Trojan Horse alert Emulation.net describes a PSX-Emu Trojan Horse circulating on Hotline servers. (Thanks, MacInTouch.)

AntiVirus updates no longer free After Norton AntiVirus 5.0 gets released for the Mac, Symantec intends to start charging $3.95 a year for updates. (Thanks, Kurt Kroeger.)

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