<b>Odds &amp; Ends

Odds &amp; Ends

Download Library update TechTool 1.1.6 and StuffIt Expander 4.5 have finally been added to the MacFixIt Download Library (been meaning to do it for awhile).

CD-ROM freeze mystery I am having a new problem where my PowerBook 3400 occasionally freezes immediately after I insert a CD-ROM disc (the freeze occurs before the disc mounts). If I restart, the disc mounts just fine. It is only after using the Mac for awhile that the problem may reappear. Because it is so sporadic, it has been hard to track down a cause.

Sad Macs = #1 Nearly a year after its publication, Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters is once again at the top of Ingram's Mac books best-seller list. By the way, several readers have asked whether a new edition of Sad Macs will be out this year. The answer is no. I am planning a major revision, but it will not be out until late 1999 or early 2000.

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