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<b>Norton Disk Doctor 3.5.1 work-arounds for -192 error install problem;<br>

Norton Disk Doctor 3.5.1 work-arounds for -192 error install problem;

other thoughts on 3.5.1 upgrade a. A reader reports from Usenet posting: "If you have trouble updating Norton Disk Doctor 3.5 to version 3.5.1, just use ResEdit to add 6 empty 'TMPL' resources with the following ID's to Disk Doctor 3.5: 128; 129; 130; 131; 4622; 8104."

In this regard, I finally got around to trying out the NDD 3.5 prepatch I mentioned yesterday. I could not get it to patch my copy of NDD, although others have reported success. It appears to be trying to do essentially the same thing as reported above. For those interested, you can download this patch by clicking here.

In any case, try these fixes at your own risk. Symantec has still not officially sanctioned either of them.

b. Meanwhile, several readers have noted that, as you can not update the CD, simply getting the update online may not be sufficient. If you want to be able to use the CD as a startup disk under Mac OS 8, you will also need to order the updated CD. Other readers have pointed out that you cannot use the online version of NUM 3.5.1 to update startup floppy disks containing Norton Utilities applications.