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<b>Netscape not updating images: a follow-up

Netscape not updating images: a follow-up

A work-around Regarding our report last time that recent versions of Netscape browsers do not properly update images on a web page when reloading the page, many readers confirmed this problem and offered work-arounds that avoid having to quit and relaunch the browser. For example, Sherri Johnson writes: "If you click and hold on the image, then select Open this Image from the popup menu, Netscape will open up the image in the window by itself. Once you've got it in the new window, hit the Reload button. The image should now update to the new version. Now, hit the back button to bring you back to the page you saw the image on. The image should be updated (or if it isn't, hit the reload button one more time, and that'll do the trick)!" Ade Rixon confirmed this.

Other thoughts A reader wonders whether all of this may somehow be related to the fact that, when using the Back and Foward buttons in Netscape, the browser always seems to take awhile to reload the page (as compared to Internet Explorer, where the page often pops into view). This may imply some more general problem with how Netscape products cache web pages. Similarly, David Craig notes (as covered here on MacFixIt before) that Netscape's "Super Reload" (holding down the Option key when selecting to reload) works differently (or not at all) in different versions of Netscape. At one time, the phrase Super Reload would actually appear in the View menu when you held down the Option key. This no longer happens.

Update: You can get Super Reload to appear in the Views menu: Press and hold the Option key while a page is loading. Do not let go of the Option key. When the page finishes loading, go to the View menu. Super Reload will be there and selecting it should work. (Thanks, Jon Mircea and Chris Stone.)

Actually, as noted here on MacFixIt last year (alas, I did not recall this), holding Shift or Option should get the Super Reload in Communicator or Navigator 4.0.5.

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