<b>Internet Explorer 4.01 HTML bugs?

Internet Explorer 4.01 HTML bugs?

Links gone Tobias Kubelk reports a bug in Internet Explorer 4.01's interpretation of HTML code on certain pages. For example, go to Apple's Developer page. The graphic on the right hand side (with "Featured Developer Quadrivio") is actually an image map that contains four separate links. Load this page with Explorer 4.01 and the links appear not to be there. Open the page up in Navigator (or even Explorer 4.0a) and the links work. [This happened to me when I tested it out.]
Update: Some people report not having this problem.

Search engine missing Two readers, Brian Amira and Christopher Stone, report that, with Explorer 4.01, the Excite search engine page may load without including the box for entering your search request. Related portions of the page will also be missing. [I could not duplicate this problem, so I already know that not everyone will have it.]

Update: Excite has modified their web page to fix this problem.

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