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<b>Internet Explorer 3.0.1: Mail &amp; News problem explanation?<br>

Internet Explorer 3.0.1: Mail &amp; News problem explanation?

(and more) MIE 3.0.1's Mail and News problems Regarding previously reported problems with MIE 3.0.1's Mail and News feature, Noah Robin sends in the following surprising tidbit:

"It seems that when MIE 3.0.1 logs onto a POP server, rather than sending "USER <username>", it first sends "AUTH twinkie." No kidding, this comes from Microsoft. This command is sent in an attempt to determine whether the POP server is an running MS Exchange or not. Most POP servers respond with an error message at which point Mail and News continues with the normal POP protocols. If the error isn't sent, Mail and News simply locks up. The only solution is to have the ISP reconfigure their POP servers to catch the "twinkie" call, and send the error that Mail and News expects."

Other MIE news My mailbox continues to be dominated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.1 (see previous item). For example:

a. Printing problems Luke Hamburg reports problems printing web pages with MIE: "When printing from certain sites (seems to be mostly sites with lots of tables, maybe ones that specify table width/height?) there is always garbage displayed on the screen during and after spooling. Often the files never print, causing both the printer and eventually the Mac to freeze." Jonathan Duke could not print any web pages from MIE 3.0.1.

b. URL Manager Pro conflict Clark Venable writes; "I just upgraded to MSIE 3.01 and use URL Manager Pro, with the shared menu feature active. Each time I launch Explorer, it adds all the URLMPro bookmarks to its Favorites list. After several launches, this Favorites file becomes so large that it actually slows Explorer down when it opens, and I have to delete the favorites.html file from the preferences folder."

Update: John Rivards notes: "This is a feature of URL Manager Pro--it is called automatic reload. When this feature is turned on, URL Manager Pro automatically replaces your browser's internal bookmarks/favorites contents with the URL Manager Pro bookmarks. This feature can be accessed from the URLM Pro toolbar."

c. Java problems Users continue to report a myriad of Java-related problems. Larry Smith claims that the Javasoft Folder from MIE 3.0.1 even caused freezes with Netscape.

d. And an improvement: automatic restart: Rory Christianson notes that MSIE's 3.0.1 can automatically restart an incomplete download - even if you quit MIE in between.