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<b>Illustrator 7 does not like Aaron/Kaleidoscope;<br>

Illustrator 7 does not like Aaron/Kaleidoscope;

And more on Kaleidoscope 1.7 a. Several readers (including Paul Panella and Miles Cruickshank) have noted conflicts between Illustrator 7 and almost any version of Aaron or Kaleidoscope. Problems include an inability to save files and problems with the Print dialog box. Greg Landweber pretty much confirmed this when I spoke to him at MacHack.

b. Regarding the new Kaleidoscope 1.7, I have received several bug reports:

Most notable, a reader writes that newsgroups are tracking a problem with Kaleidoscope and the IRC client Ircle (3.0b9).When Kaleidoscope 1.7 is present, Ircle will quit when attempting to scroll or choose a button. Sometimes it takes a few moments, but Ircle will always quit with a Type 1 error.

Erne Kis claims that Kaleidoscope 1.7 crashes Quark XPress 3.32 on his PPC 7300/200 with System 7.55. This was confirmed by Mark Surloff, who found that reverting to Kaleidoscope 1.6 eliminated the crash.

Antal Herz found that Timbuktu Pro crashed whenever he selected Control or Observe - after installing Kaleidoscope.