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Game reports


With the holidays approaching, interest in game software is greater than usual. Here are three game-related tips of interest:

a. Bad Mojo fix Matt Drance was having problems with the game Bad Mojo. He discovered that there is a "fix" for it, available online.

b. Quake problem Brett Dikeman claims that Quake (the demo or the full version) installs a bunch of "Sprocket" files that can wreck havoc with your Mac. They caused a 6500 to crash on startup and avariety of other problems with other games on an 8500. He also found that Quake installed numerous ATI, QuickDraw 3D and 3Dfx/Rage extensions.

Update: Several readers report no problems using Quake with similar setups. Richard Prescott thought that the installation may have been incorrect (as you should not have multiple versions of Quake on the same Mac). He also notes that Quake's Read Me states that Quake is not compatible with Aladdin's True Finder Integration (including v. 4.5.)

c. Starship Titanic I have long been a Douglas Adams fan. That's why I am eagerly awaiting the release of Starship Titanic. If you are also waiting, you can amuse yourself in the meantime by visiting a web site that promotes the game.

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