<b>FWB on Mac OS compatibility of their product line

FWB on Mac OS compatibility of their product line

FWB sent me the following information about Mac OS 8 compatibility of their products:

"FWB Test Engineers have tested our ToolKit family of storage management software for compatiblity with Apple's new Mac OS 8.0. Here's what we've discovered:

Important: Under Mac OS 8.0, turn Virtual Memory off before formatting and/or creating new volumes on an IDE device with Hard Disk ToolKit, Hard Disk ToolKit PE, or RAID ToolKit. Once you've created your volumes, you can turn Virtual Memory on again.

FWB Products Optimized for use with MacOS 8..0:
Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5 (shipping soon)
CD-ROM ToolKit 3.0
Storage Wizard 2.0

FWB products approved for use with Mac OS 8.0
Hard Disk ToolKit 2.0.X
CD-ROM ToolKit 2.0.X
CD-ROM ToolKit 2.1 Juke Edition
RAID ToolKit 2.0.X
Hard Disk ToolKit PE 2.0.X
Turbo ToolKit 1.0.X
HSM ToolKit 1.0

Earlier FWB products have been tested with no obvious compatibility issues. However, we highly recommend upgrading to our most current releases before installing Mac OS 8.0."