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<b>From Apple's Tech Info files

From Apple's Tech Info files

From recent Apple Tech Info files comes the following tidbits:

24196 & 24197: Desktop Printing Utility does not work in Mac OS 8. "It should work in Mac OS 8.1. For those that can use it: Be sure to have 'Shared Library Manager' or 'Shared Library Manager PPC' (for Power PC-based Macintosh) files turned on in the Extension Manager and restart your computer before running the application."

30180: Serial (Built-in) prevents startup freeze "'Serial (Built-in)' shared library is needed to prevent a startup freeze in Power Mac 5500 and 6500."

22105: In Mac OS 7.6.1 and Mac OS 8, the Apple System Profiler reports the startup devices as Unknown. "This is symptomatic of having nothing selected in the Startup Disk control panel. This issue has been corrected in Apple System Profiler 1.3.1."