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Best Mother's Day gifts for foodie moms

Forget flowers. These are the things your mom really wants.

Musui–Kamado cast iron induction cooker

A Mother's Day Proclamation: Not all moms are created equal. But of course this is obvious; every mom has a particular blend of qualities that makes her uniquely special and worthy of just the right treat on Mother's Day. (Not the least of which is her ability to survive raising you without major incident.)

This could go without saying, but perhaps it is worth mentioning that neither are all foodies created equal. "Foodie" can mean a lot of things to self-proclaimed holders of the title, from someone who enjoys a gourmet dinner out, to the person who experiments at home with all the latest gadgets and products, to a food speciality niche expert, to the type who voraciously consumes all varieties of food media with an appetite like a fat kid at an ice cream social.

If your mom is the type to self-identity in the foodie camp, we've rounded up a plethora of gifts from the gourmand, to the experimental, to the timeless, for whatever kind of mom and foodie you are blessed to call yours.

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. This content is from our sister site, Chowhound.

Anova Sous Vide Circulator

For the Gastronomically Nerdy Mom

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

If your mom swoons to the tune of "sous vide" like some moms do to "diamond earrings," then she'll be jazzed to unwrap this sparkling little number where she can learn to do it at home. About the size of a bottle of wine, this sous vide circulator will offer her the possibility of restaurant quality, expertly executed meals with a high geek factor. Plus, everyone she may cook for also benefits, including you.

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Online Cooking Classes

For the Teacher’s Pet Foodie Mom

Online Cooking School

Some people never learn. And some people never stop learning. Is your mom the forever student type? Cooking classes are great gifts for hands-on foodie moms, and also provide the possibility of the most sought-after Mother's Day gift of all: time spent with you.

Check out culinary course offerings from knife skills to cake decorating at your local restaurants, markets, or schools, or you can gift your mom with a subscription to top-notch-nerd-factor online instruction from America's Test Kitchen.

See at Online Cooking School

Standing Stone Farms Complete Cheese Making Kit

For the Cheesy Foodie Mom

Standing Stone Farms

Your mom says she's a foodie, but deep down she's really just cheesy. (Mother's day dad joke, amirite?) You could totally see her making cheese at home as a new hobby, and DIY kits range from low-commitment and inexpensive, to the all-out, full fromage experience. If your mom is the type to go all-in, this complete kit from Standing Stone Farms will have her endlessly monologuing on the nuance of bloomy rinds in no time.

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Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

For the Carbohydrate Crazed Foodie Mom

Your mother, bless her, never spent one second of her life thinking that cutting carbs would help promote any sort of healthy lifestyle. Without pasta, where's the mental health? If your mom's idea of eating a variety of foods means changing up the shape of the noodle regularly, she might delight in preparing fresh pasta from scratch, aided by this racy red chrome number from Marcato.

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Chef’s Counter Experience through Tock

For the Food Explorer Mom

For the mom who coyly and humbly suggests that she doesn't want gifts but who you absolutely know is hoping you'll score some excellent dinner reservation, Tock can help you make that happen. Tock is a reservation platform that helps connect the most intrepid, curious diners with restaurants, bars and even wineries that offer a unique culinary experience or perspective.

Check out their access to restaurants who offer a Chef's Counter experience, so you can get your mom the front row seat she craves and deserves.

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Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

For the Food Television-Obsessed Mom


Your mom's latest girl crush is one you can totally indulge. How could any of us resist that absolute treasure of manners, sly witticisms, and trifles that is former Great British Bake Off host, Mary Berry? Since there's no limit to the number of times your mom can binge-watch those early seasons, you can offer her hours of pastry-fueled comfort in the form of the Mary Berry Baking Bible.

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Musui-Kamado Cast Iron Induction Cooker

For the Trend Setting Foodie Mom


She doesn't wait for the reviews to come out; she writes the reviews, and nothing brings your mom more joy than being ahead of the curve with all that is up-and-coming in kitchen trends. (Like, she had a bread machine before you were even born!) The latest in about-to-be-huge gadgetry: cast iron, "waterless," induction cooking, in a sleek, Japanese, counter-top machine.

See at Vermicular

Talavera 3-Piece Hostess Set

For the Foodie Mom Who Loves to Entertain


Capable of keeping food hot and drinks full while effortlessly dazzling the crowd and holding her own on a dizzying array of topics, your mom is the sort whose picture rightfully appears when you Google "Hostess with the Mostest." This Mother's Day, gift her with some new party pieces as charming and stylish as she is, and give her what she truly craves: an excuse to throw another bash.

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Indie States of America

For the Wanderlust Foodie Mom

Indie States

Maybe you want to remind your mom of the awesome road trip you once took together, or fuel her future plans to ditch the family home and spend her retirement in an RV. This Indie States of America club offers a monthly box featuring regionally specific snacks and other culinary goodies sourced from sea to shining sea. Plus, she'll remember what a golden child you are at least once a month when each box arrives.

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For the Healthy Foodie Mom


Being a foodie doesn't always equal gut-busting self-indulgence. There is much that can be prepared that is worthy of calling oneself a gastronome while still maintaining a health-aware perspective on dining. If this seems like your mom, isn't it about time she got a spiralizer? The latest model is heavier-duty to take on all manner of veggies, even sturdier types like turnips and sweet potatoes.

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Stainless Steel Grill Basket

For the Mistress of the Grill Mom

Sur la Table

Grilling: it's not just a dad's game anymore. But you knew that already; your mom kicked your dad off the grill years ago when she realized the coals and fire whispered their secrets to her directly. She's already the mistress of the meats, but this basket will rocket her into grill master glory as she applies her already intimidating grill skills to fish and vegetables.

See at Sur la Table


For the Foodie Mom Who’s Secretly More About the Wine


I mean, she loves food, don't get me wrong, but maybe your mom is the type to pair what she eats with what she is drinking, and not vice versa. (And really, who cares about pairing anyway, just bring on the wine!) 

This subscription from Vinebox is a great way to add variety to her varietals, in that the selections are cleverly portioned as glass-sized samples of the world's greatest producers and styles. And those little vials are super purse-appropriate, just saying.

See at Vinebox

Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman

For the Meat Loving Mom

W. W. Norton & Company

It seemed rude to write "sausage loving mom" in a Mother's Day gift roundup, but let's be honest, your mom has been able to pronounce "charcuterie" without fear since she learned there was a single word to summarize her favorite food group.

Part memoir, part recipe book and part visual stimulus, she will surely find a kindred spirit in food writer Michael Ruhlman's homage to all that is salted, smoked and stuffed. Supplement the reading material with a personally selected collection from your local market or butcher, or else go the easy route with a Deluxe Charcuterie Assortment from gift basket wizards Harry and David.

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Reusable shopping bags

For the Farmer’s Market Foodie Mom


Your mom is literally someone who stops to smell the roses; or to gently squeeze the peaches; or to casually evaluate the density of a summer melon while chatting up the farmer about heirloom varietals. Your mom's favorite way to spend a warm weekend day is at the farmer's market. 

For the lady who would rather have her accessories match her produce than her shoes, a set of these striking, earth-friendly shopping totes will have her feeling farmers' market chic all season long.

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For the Snack Attack Foodie Mom


Left to her own devices, your mom is the busy sort who loves to eat and eat well, but rarely makes time for a sit-down meal. A good snack subscription like Graze will have her thinking fondly of you several times a day whenever she reaches for any of their adorably packaged "punnets" filled with healthy and unique goodies such as New York Everything Bagel snack mix, Sweet and Spicy Beet Crunch, or a Lemon Almond Cookie and Tea multipack.

See at Graze

Ossetra Sturgeon Caviar

For the Gourmet Foodie Mom


Even as a child when you brought your mother breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, you knew that she expected (and deserved) nothing but the finest quality products and presentation. Now that you have paychecks, and not just an allowance, show her that you're still paying attention to those kinds of details and treat her to the luxury of luxuries. (A little champagne to go with probably wouldn't hurt, either. You always knew you were the favorite child.)

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Wusthof Chef’s Knife

For the Beginner Foodie Mom


There are voyeuristic foodies, and then there are hands-on foodies. If your mom is starting to veer from one camp into the other, now's the time to make sure she has the best tools at her disposal, starting with knives. German knives such as these from Wusthof have balance and heft to let the weight do the work—your mom has done enough already. If she's forgiven you for all of your youthful shenanigans, it's probably safe to arm her with really sharp knives at this point.

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Kalustyan’s Gift Card

For the Culturally Curious Foodie Mom


The moment on "Chopped" when the mystery basket items are revealed is when your mom's face most lights up, and not just from the warm glow of the television. The weirder the item, the more it sparks her own imagination. Kalustyan's is a New York based specialty food store whose website alone counts as a little culinary escapism. Indulge your mom's curiosity with a shopping spree so she can assemble her own mystery basket challenges.

See at Foods of Nations

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

For the Timeless Foodie Mom

Chris Monroe/CNET

Your mom offered you a kind of lifetime warranty on the day of your birth. You can honor that commitment with a similar gesture: the counter accessory to end all counter accessories. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer is sturdy as a tank, and appropriate whether your mom is more keen to make a routine, rustic pizza dough or a delicate, special occasion souffle. And since it comes in over 40 available colors, you know you can find one to match your mom's particular shade of special.

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Originally published April 30.