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Because sometimes cherries are the pits

Cherry-It Pitter removes pits from cherries, four at a time.

Sur la table

I'm not usually one to champion gadgets that only serve one purpose, but I suppose I can at least appreciate when a single-purpose kitchen tool makes an attempt at improving its efficiency.

And improving efficiency is exactly what this Cherry-it Pitter accomplishes. Instead of the single cherry pitted by the gadget's predecessors, it pits up to four at once, storing the waste in a compartment that can be emptied easily after cleanup.

Maybe you won't be using it very often, but imagine yourself as you prepare to make your next cherry pie. A gadget like this makes life better in two ways. On one hand, it encourages the use of fresh cherries as opposed to the store-bought alternatives laden with corn starch and artificial flavor. It also streamlines the time-consuming pitting process that results from using fresh produce, saving you time and frustration.

The Cherry-it Pitter is made by Progressive. You can find it on Sur la table's Web site for $15.