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Because cooking isn't a hands-free activity

You can do a lot of things hands-free these days--but cooking isn't one of them. So if you'd like to keep your dirty mitts off your pretty iPod, get yourself an antibacterial silicone case.

An iPod Touch with a blue silicone case and a clear plastic screen protector is safe from your chicken-juice-covered fingertips.
This iPod Touch is now safe from your chicken-juice-covered fingertips. iSkin

Lately, the gadget I use most in the kitchen is my iPod Touch. I use it to look up recipes, cooking videos, and more. But the kitchen is a messy place, and I don't love the idea of the same hands that touched raw chicken then cradling my iPod.

iSkin now offers silicone cases with a built-in Microban antimicrobial agent to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and odor-causing germs that can grow right on your devices. The case can be washed by hand, thrown in the dishwasher, or even boiled to kill anything lingering on the case. And the case keeps its shape and color throughout these extreme washing sessions.

To me, the most exciting part of the package is the visor that comes with the iSkin Duo. This scratch-resistant polycarbonate screen protector can be removed anytime and stored on your device's back. Put it on in the kitchen, then remove it and wash it when you're done cooking.

The cases come in a selection of colors and will cost you about $25 from iSkin's Web site.