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Beats mixr mixes Beats by Dre and David Guetta

Rapping GP Dr Dre has added a new set of headphones to the Beats line-up, in the shape of the DJ-built Beats mixr.

Beats by Dr Dre welcomes a new set of ostentatious headphones to its gaudy stable -- the Beats mixr are a set of cans with DJ chops, built in collaboration with French roof-raiser David Guetta.

Styled like the rest of the bass-heavy Beats line, one of the mixr's earcups swivels around on a hinge, so you can hear whether or not your audience has given up and gone home.

We quite like the design, which appears to come in both black and white options, with matte or gloss coatings. Often headphones with more complicated stylings or swivelling earcups are let down by plasticky parts, so we're hoping these feel sturdy when we give them the full review treatment.

Beats has previously teamed up with musical luminaries such as Sean 'Diddy' Combes, Lady Gaga and, er, Justin Bieber.

The Beats line-up is a mixed bag, with some of the headphones sounding rather muddy, but others blew us away with their thumping bass and impressive clarity. Fingers crossed the mixr falls into the latter camp.

As you'd expect from something with this much swanky red cabling, the mixr is a shade on the pricey side. Specifically, you'll be shelling out £250 for the privilege of adorning your bonce with these boisterous 'phones.

They'll be available to buy in HMV shops in October, or you can pick 'em up from the Beats website if you're too busy mixing block-rockin' PH-fat beats in your bedroom to leave the house.

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