<b>ClarisWorks import problem linked to &quot;MacLinkPlus Bridge PPC&quot; file

ClarisWorks import problem linked to &quot;MacLinkPlus Bridge PPC&quot; file


Regarding the TEXT import problem I had with ClarisWorks, after updating to version 4.0v5 (as reported last time), I received a wide range of suggested fixes. The one that turned out to be correct was from Kuba Tatarkiewicz, who said that I should remove the MacLinkPlus Bridge file from the Claris Translators folder. This worked both on a Mac running Mac OS 7.6.1 (with version 9.0.0 of this file) and another one running Mac OS 8 (and the included version 9.0.2 version of this file).

One note I received suggested that re-installing the DataViz software after updating ClarisWorks might avoid this problem. I have not tried this yet. In any case, I intend to contact DataViz for further information. Stay tuned.

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