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<b>ClarisWorks 5 bugs

ClarisWorks 5 bugs

a. underline bug As also covered on MacNN, Gregory Sims informed me of an underline problem in ClarisWorks 5. Essentially, the underlined text appears on screen but does not print. He said that Claris confirmed this problem but gave no indication of when it would be fixed.

David Cebula adds some clarification: "If you created your underlines by turning on the underline format (Command-U) and hitting the space bar, they will not print (but will show up on the screen). If you created underlines with the underline character (Shift- -) then they will print."

b. other bugs Meanwhile, Nicolas Martin reported that changing text to 9 point or magnifying the document to 200% sometimes resulted in plain text displaying as italic. A couple of readers have reported problems with using MacLink Plus translators within the new ClarisWorks (as I have reported previously, these are likely to be solved by updating to the 9.7 version of MacLink Plus).

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