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<b>AppleVision 1710: yet another problem?

AppleVision 1710: yet another problem?

As if they didn't already have enough trouble, I have received several reports of yet another problem with the 1710 and 1710AV monitors. The symptom is similar to previously reported ones: on a warm boot, the monitor will not turn back on (the green power-on light does not even come on). The good news is that this is fixed easily enough by simply pressing the power button on the monitor off and back on again (previously reported problems of this sort often required the additional step of unplugging the monitor for about 10 minutes or so).

Most disturbing is that Tim Churchill reports that this symptom did not appear until after he had the deflection board of his monitor replaced (for yet another problem). He claims that his dealer told him that "Apple is aware of this problem but has no fix." Ric Ford (of MacInTouch) forwarded me a message from a reader who had the same problem and who similarly said that "Apple...(is)... aware of the problem and they are working on it. They are not sure if it is hardware or software related."