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<b>AppleShare &quot;mount selected items automatically at startup&quot; problem

AppleShare &quot;mount selected items automatically at startup&quot; problem

Ben Pearcy claims that it is "impossible to get a AppleShare connection over TCP (a new feature of AppleShare IP 5.0) when 'mount selected items automatically at startup' is checked in the AppleShare Client Chooser device. This is because AppleShare loads before TCP/IP." He reports that Apple Tech Support confirmed this and that they are working on a fix. In the meantime, "the work-around is to put an alias of the network drive in the Startup Items folder. If TCP is available, AppleShare will connect to an AppleShareIP server via TCP/IP."

Update: As pointed out by a couple of readers, a simpler work-around is to just rename AppleShare to load after TCP/IP (or use Conflict Catcher to do it).