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<b>Apple Data Detectors and AuthMan startup freeze: a clarification

Apple Data Detectors and AuthMan startup freeze: a clarification

Regarding the item last time on the incompatibility between AuthMan and Apple Data Detectors (leading to a freeze at startup), it turns out that AuthMan is not really the cause. It is KClient (where K stands for Kerberos). In particular:

Donald Nash writes: "I have observed this problem with ADD 1.0.1 only if both AuthMan and KClientMan (or KClient itself) are installed. KClientMan is a shim which allows applications written to the Cornell KClient interface to work with AuthMan. KClientMan started crashing on system startup as soon as I installed ADD 1.0.1 a few months ago and I had to abandon it as a result." This was confirmed by Adam Glick. Mark Garrett, who sent the original report, also now reports that disabling KClient eliminated the problem.

Actually, we noted this in an item posted last September.

A patch Finally, Gavin Eadie reports that he has a patched version of KClientMan that resolves this problem. To get the patch, send an email message to Use "KClientMan" as the subject and you will get back a message with the file enclosed in binhex format.