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Back up your drone footage on-site with Seagate's new Fly Drive

With up to 2TB of storage space and an integrated SD card slot, the new portable drive is made for drone enthusiasts.


The Fly Drive is intended to be used on the ground, and not mounted on a drone itself.


If you've been struggling to find enough space to store your drone's footage when you're out and about, Seagate has something for you.

The storage vendor announced today the Seagate DJI Fly Drive, its first portable storage device created in partnership with drone maker DJT. No, this is not a drive that you mount on your drone; rather, it's for storing content after each flight.

For the most part, the Fly Drive is similar to a regular portable drive. It has up to 2TB of storage space, supports USB 3.1 and has an USB-C port. This means it will also work with a Thunderbolt 3 port. What is special about it, however, is the integrated UHS-II-rated SD card slot, allowing you to quickly copy any SD card's content.

What's more, the drive has a protective bumper that keeps it safe against shocks and drops. Seagate says the drive also includes a two-month subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro, which will cost about $20/month going forward.

The Fly Drive is slated to be available this summer with the price starting at $120.