<b>a. Virtual PC news

a. Virtual PC news

MacCentral had a talk with the developers of Virtual PC, Connectix' eagerly anticipated PC emulator. The Connectix press release says it will ship next week. Mention MacFixIt and Bottom Line will sell you Virtual PC for $137 (rather than its normal selling price of $145).

b. Another MacFixIt award MacFixit received second place in the "Virtual Communities Network" (VCN) MacOS Six Month Award. The award is based on readers' votes.

c. MacWizards summaries Check out the updated and expanded Wizard's Archives web page that lists summaries of questions asked and answered on the MacWizards mailing list.

d. More Mac news and resource sites thessaSOURCE describes itself as an "ezine for Mac OS professionals." MacAffairs is "dedicated to Mac lovers."

e. bughunt.com offers multi-platform support for software developers.

f. Get a 30 day demo of QuickMail Pro 1.5

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