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<b>a. Foam for 3400; shut down freeze on 1400/183?

a. Foam for 3400; shut down freeze on 1400/183?

Apple now has a part number for the foam strip needed to remedy the RAM unseating problem in the PowerBook 3400: "922-3103 Gasket, foam, keyboard, PKG/4 $0.90" (spotted on O'Grady's PowerPage).
O'Grady also covers a shut down freeze in Mac OS 7.6.1 that seems to be specific to PowerBook 1400's that have been upgraded with Newer's 183MHz accelerator.

b. LaserWriter crash According to an Adobe tech support document: When you select the Apple LaserWriter 8.4.x printer driver and then click Setup in the Chooser, a Type 11 error or freeze may occur if Adobe Type Manager (ATM) Lite 4.0 is installed (spotted this on MacInTouch). This is an issue we have covered here on several previous occasions (such as here).

c. Richard Ford talks The comments by Richard Ford (of Apple Computer) on the future of Open Transport and related matters (as described in an edited transcript on the MRP) is well worth reading. Among other tidbits, Richard reveals that OT 1.5 is officially dead, although a smaller bug-fix upgrade to OT 1.2 is still on the way.

d. Apple has announced its new subnotebook Mac, the PowerBook 2400. MacUser already has an article on it.