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Automated waffles

The Wolfgang Puck 1,200-Watt Self-Rotating Waffle Baker makes it easy to make breakfast. Featuring automatic action, the appliance flips baking waffles for you.

The long road to a breakfast-making machine has started.
The long road to a breakfast-making machine has started.Photo by HSN

The haze of morning has inspired a great many improvements in kitchen gadgetry. Now, when we wake, we no longer have to wait for our coffee to be brewed; programmable timers have seen to that. The coffeemaker was, of course, the most obvious kitchen appliance to set on automatic. (Otherwise how would anything else ever get done?) But after we are fueled with coffee, next our attention turns to food. Yet breakfast still can't make itself.

The Wolfgang Puck 1,200-Watt Self-Rotating Waffle Baker won't make your breakfast for you, but it's a start. Featuring the ability to flip the waffles for you, the kitchen gadget keeps hands free for other important tasks (like making another pot of coffee). After pouring batter into the warmed waffle plates, all that is left to do is to select the desired doneness and let it do its thing. After a period of time, the appliance automatically rotates, helping to distribute batter for evenly cooked waffles.

The road to breakfast automation is not an easy one and can be fraught with peril. Anyone who has ever wanted a Breakfast Machine can understand. Indeed in the promotional video for this particular product the machine does appear to need a little help at around the two-minute mark. Now granted, it shouldn't come as too much as a surprise; it's not easy to get going in the morning, even for appliances.