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Apple updates BootCamp for 2011 MacBook Pros

Apple has released an update to the Boot Camp drivers for 2011 MacBook Pro systems.

Apple has released an update to the Boot Camp drivers for the latest MacBook Pro systems. This update addresses a couple of problems with Japanese and Korean keyboards in the system, and also fixes shutdown problems, according to the update's download page. The update is specific for Windows 7, so if you are using an alternative version of Windows, this will not apply to you.

The update should be available for Boot Camp users via Apple's Software Update utility, but it can also be downloaded and applied manually from the Boot Camp 3.2 Update Web page. The update is 21.55MB in size.

As always, be sure to back up your Mac, including both the Mac OS and Windows partitions. If you use Time Machine, remember that the Boot Camp partition will not be backed up, so be sure you have a separate backup option for this system.

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