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Apple Pencil alternative: The Logitech Crayon hits an all-time-low $35

Cheapskate exclusive! The Crayon is actually more comfortable to hold, though it does lack one feature.


Logitech's Apple Pencil alternative, the Crayon, is down to just $35.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Apple Pencil is one of Apple's best iPad innovations, a "smart" stylus that's great for things like taking notes, sketching ideas and creating art.

But $100? Come on. That's kind of outrageous even by Apple standards. Thankfully, there's an alternative: The Logitech Crayon, which was originally available only to the education market but went on sale to consumers last year.

Price tag: $70. Still a little steep, if you ask me. However, for a limited time, and while supplies last, Cheapskate readers can get the Logitech Crayon for $34.99 with promo code CNETCRAYON -- the lowest price to date. It's in open-box packaging, but in new condition with a full one-year warranty. (Just for the record, Amazon currently has it on sale for $50 shipped, and so does Best Buy.) Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

The Crayon works with all current-gen iPads that support the Apple Pencil, including the newest iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

Despite being priced less than the Pencil, the Crayon actually has some advantages over it, as Scott Stein detailed in his Logitech Crayon preview: "Its wider, flat design is easier for me to hold, and could be easier for young kids to hold, too. The stylus also pairs instantly without requiring entering Bluetooth settings. It's fast and angle-sensitive, too."

It also charges via a standard Lightning cable and has bright orange tips, which hopefully make it less likely to go missing. Similarly, the cap stays tethered to the Crayon, so you can't lose it as easily as the Pencil's end-cap.

There's just one missing feature: pressure sensitivity. Although it can produce different line weights depending on how you angle the tip, it can't make your strokes fatter or thinner depending on how hard you push.

Assuming that's not a deal-breaker, this is a great price on an otherwise great Apple Pencil alternative.

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This post was originally published earlier this year and has since been updated regarding pricing and availability.

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