Apple Final Cut Express 1.0.1; Apple X11 0.2.1;Mighty Mouse 1.0; more

Apple Final Cut Express 1.0.1; Apple X11 0.2.1;Mighty Mouse 1.0; more


Apple Final Cut Express 1.0.1 is a digital video editing tool. The new release has improved performance and stability

Apple X11 0.2.1 is a complete X window system to run X11 apps. In the new release, the installer now defaults to replacing /etc/X11, to use quartz-wm instead of twm. This is the only change since v0.2.

Mighty Mouse 1.0 is a haxie to customize, edit, animate cursors.

Dock Dispatcher 1.0.1 manages Dock folder/menu for apps, utilities. The latest version adds compability with 10.1.x in addition to 10.2.x.

SafarIcon 1.2 is a visual theme editor for Safari browser user interface. The new release has updated nib files for Safari 1.0 Beta (v60).

ClearScreen 0.1 forces your screen to update when software behaves badly. The new version handles multiple monitors.

Bookit X 3.1.2 is a unified bookmark/favorite management tool for all browsers. The new version fixes a minor writing abnormality when no folder was specified as the Safari Bookmarks Menu folder.

WakeUp 1.1 is a tool to wake up other machines from sleep mode. This version adds an auto-update feature: each time a machine appears on your network, it is automatically added or updated in the list of machines.

Baby Safe 1.70 protects your Mac by providing interactive baby safe/fun environment. The new release allows repeated letters after one second.

JChecker X 3.0.4r1 is a HTML source code editor with HTML checker. The new release has support for XHTML1.1.

killdock 0.0.1 is a command line app to disable the Dock.

CharisMac Discribe 5.0.31 is CD / DVD mastering software. The encrypted file requires a password to unstuff, not to download, and are intended for registered users only who fall within the 30 day free upgrade period.

PodWriter 2.0 is a tool to display notes on your iPod. The latest version fixes a problem with cutting off some text. Made it version 2.0 because I got tired of betas.

  • Apple Final Cut Express 1....
  • Apple X11 0.2.1
  • Mighty Mouse 1.0
  • Dock Dispatcher 1.0.1
  • SafarIcon 1.2
  • ClearScreen 0.1
  • Bookit X 3.1.2
  • WakeUp 1.1
  • Baby Safe 1.70
  • JChecker X 3.0.4r1
  • killdock 0.0.1
  • CharisMac Discribe 5.0.31
  • PodWriter 2.0
  • More from Utilities Updates
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