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Apple fawns over Mac in 30-year celebration video

Apple has gone all out in its celebration of the Macintosh 128k's 30th birthday. Watch the video here.

Apple has crafted a video celebrating its line of Mac computers, on the 30-year anniversary of the first Macintosh computer going on sale.

The clip, which you can watch below, sees the Californian company touting the creative strengths of its line of glossy computers, and features interviews with musicians and fashion types.

"There was a smiley face, there was a sense of humour somehow built in," eager Mac fans reminisce. "Like this partner came in you could go and play with."

"Somehow it's so transparent to an experience, that it just enlivens you", another participant comments, slightly nonsensically. The video also espouses the Mac's benefits for education, and graphic design.

"Now everyone uses this one piece of remarkable, ubiquitous technology", nineties techno luminary Moby notes, just before the Mac is praised as delivering the "worldwide democratisation of creativity."

Apple is celebrating 30 years since the first Macintosh -- the Mac 128k -- went on sale. As well as the video, Apple has crafted an interactive timeline of the Mac's biggest moments, as well as a close look at the Mac 128k. You can also tell Apple about the experience of your first Mac, via a slick interactive questionnaire.

Do you have fond memories of the Mac, or are you perfectly happy with something a little more Microsoft-flavoured? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.