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Apple drops iPod shuffle price to $49, adds 2GB model for $69

Apple just cut the price of the 1GB iPod shuffle by $30


Speaking of iPods, Apple just announced a price cut on the 1GB iPod shuffle: $49, down from $79. If you can't make do with a measly 240 songs, cheer up: Apple also announced a new 2GB shuffle, though it won't be available for a couple weeks. That model will sell for $69, meaning anyone who just paid $79 for a 1GB shuffle will be crying into their beer.

Alas, I'm among those with teary beer: I bought a shuffle for Mrs. Cheapskate just a few months ago. But she absolutely loves it, so I will bottle up my overpay rage and pretend I'm not $30 poorer.

One additional note: The price-cut shuffle doesn't qualify for free shipping, which applies only to orders over $50. I feel a tiny bit better.