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Apple acknowledges Monday .Mac email issues; RoadRunner blocking .Mac mail

Apple acknowledges Monday .Mac email issues; RoadRunner blocking .Mac mail

February 2 problems If you experienced problems with your .Mac email account on Monday afternoon, you're not alone. In a .Mac Discussions thread, an Apple representative confirmed that .Mac mail wasn't functioning properly for a period of time. [To view the thread, log in to your .Mac account, click Support -> Discussion Boards -> Known Issues and FAQs -> .Mac Mail -> Go to .Mac Mail Online discussions, and then find the thread titled ".mac email nonfunction from web or Mail"]"

"We are aware of an issue that may have affected the delivery of messages sent to some .Mac Mail addresses. This has been resolved. Messages currently being sent to .Mac recipients are being delivered as expected. If you suspect that a message sent to you has not arrived, you may wish to have the originator resend it." - Chris, .Mac support

In response to requests for clarification of the exact problems, the representative noted:

"From 12:30pm to 4:00pm PST some portion of .Mac Mail was not received as expected. All mail services are currently operational. Messages sent to .Mac recipients are now being delivered in a timely fashion."

.Mac mail being rejecting by Road Runner? MacFixIt reader Jock Hinrichs reports that Road Runner, the broadband ISP, is currently rejecting all email sent via .Mac. Echoing a frequent complaint we hear about .Mac email, Jock notes, "This is a paid service and it is impossible to get to anyone to provide support."

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