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Another fix for Apple TV not showing up in iTunes

Static IP address.

[Wednesday, March 26th]

We continue to report on a problem in which the Apple TV does not appear in the iTunes device list. For some users this issue only started occurring after the "Take 2" (2.0) software update. We've noted a number of fixes for this problem

There are a variety of causes for this issue, including dropped WiFi connections, improper configuration and more.

Now MacFixIt reader Chris reports that using static IP address rsolved the issue.

"I have an AppleTV (f/w 2.0) connected via ethernet and a pair of MacBooks connected via 802.11n to Time Capsule.  The Time Capsule and my cable modem are both powered-off via a surge suppressor each night and turned back on when I return home from work the following day (I'm a bit paranoid), essentially resetting my network each day.  

"I adjusted the DHCP range on Time Capsule to begin at, giving me eight addresses I could assign manually.  Since the Time Capsule LAN uses, I changed each of my peripheral devices use a static address between and (AppleTV,  A/V receiver, and network printer).  Solved all problems of AppleTV not appearing when I opened iTunes and also losing authentication.  Works as expected now."

"I recognize that basic networking might be a little more difficult for some people than cycling the power, but this simple change-over to static IP addressing fixed everything for me."


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