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An overmount sink with a flushmount look

The MicroEdge series from Blanco gives you a stainless steel sink with a custom installation look.

Luxury for less. Blanco

If you like kitchen gadgets, you're probably the kind of person who dreams of a fabulous kitchen. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances quietly gleaming, wide expanses of space, waiting to be filled with food and the tools needed to make it.

How much thought do you give to the sink in your kitchen? It's a small thing, sure, but it can make a real difference. That old, once-white porcelain is impossible to scrub clean. Stainless steel looks better, but that telltale rim can mess with the lines you're going for.

Flushmount sinks look great in the kitchen, but the installation can by pricey. How about an easy-(and inexpensive) to-install overmount sink that gives you the look of a flushmount? That's what you get with MicroEdge, the latest offering from Blanco. It's an ultrafine rim--1.25 mm--that installs over virtually any counter material for a precision, near seamless edge.

The sink isn't cheap--you'll spend around $600--but the install is standard enough that you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you for far less than a flush or undermount.