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Amazon UK cuts Samsung Galaxy Tab to £600, out November?

A week after Amazon offered the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a wallet-busting £800, it has cut the price again, now offering it at a much more reasonable £600. But will it go even lower?

We suspect somebody at Amazon is reading Crave, as the retailer has just cut the price of a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab to £600.

Last week we spotted Amazon listing the Android 2.2 tablet at an RRP of £799, and we expressed our shock and wonder at how astonishingly high that was. Soon after it was cut to £680, which we still thought was far too much, especially in comparison to an iPad. But now price of the Tab has been cut to £599.99, £200 less than it was first quoted at.

That seems a slightly fairer price to us, if still unrealistic. The equivalent iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi is £530, and while the new Amazon price is more than that, the Tab offers features the iPad doesn't, such as two cameras, Adobe Flash support, voice calling and microSD storage. And this price is obviously by no means final.

The Galaxy Tab is unlocked, so once the networks get hold of it you might be able to find it subsidised on a contract. UK mobile networks 3 and Vodafone will definitely be selling it.

We think it's unlikely Amazon will increase the price of the Tab from £600 -- it can be unreliable with pricing before launch, but generally if it cuts the price of something, it stays cut. It says the Tab will be out on 1 November, but until Samsung says something, we can't confirm that for sure.

We took a look at the Android tablet during the Berlin trade show IFA, and really did like what we saw. Roughly the size of a large paperback and with a 7-inch screen smaller than the iPad, it runs on Android 2.2 and has a wealth of features such as an ebook reader and office document capability. We look forward to using one properly. Are you? And is this price fair?