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Alton Brown teams up with GE

Alton Brown is my cooking hero. How could I not look at the oven he worked on with General Electric?

I'm a big fan of Alton Brown. When it comes to cooking shows, I think his scientific approach is better than pretty much everything else on the Food Network. So, when I heard that he had helped General Electric design an oven, I had to check it out.

The Trivection Range GE Appliances

Brown consulted with the engineers who designed GE's line of Trivection ovens. The company asked Brown to teach their engineers to cook, so that they would better understand the way their appliances are used. The ideas GE's engineers learned in Brown's classes lead to the combination of thermal, convection, and microwave energies to cook food faster. The Trivection technology also guarantees consistent oven temperatures and optimal air circulation.

The Trivection line includes both wall ovens and ranges. The ranges include ceramic glass cooktops. Both versions have programmable control panels, along with control lock capabilities to set child safety locks. The Trivection ovens feature stainless steel exteriors (you can also get the ovens in black or white), along with their "Big View" windows--large windows that will help you check the progress of your food.

Brown even has a video on the GE site, if you need a fix between episodes of Good Eats.