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Alice in Wonderland footwear: Off with her head, on with her shoes

Don't be late for a very important date. Irregular Choice, maker of Luke Skywalker-lightsaber high heels, offers an exotic "Alice" line.

The One Lump or Two Heels are full of divine details.


The company behind the stylish and striking Star Wars shoes we told you about in November has escaped the dark side only to tumble down the rabbit hole.

British shoe company Irregular Choice has introduced an Alice in Wonderland shoe line, just in time for the release of "Alice Through the Looking Glass," the upcoming Johnny Depp sequel to 2010's "Alice in Wonderland."

The limited-edition shoes, available at ThinkGeek, are as deliriously decorated as the Star Wars line, which included light-up heels designed to look like Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

The One Lump or Two Heels are ready for a crazy Wonderland tea party, with a teapot-sitting-in-a-cup heel and a crossed knife and fork on the toe. Better have the bank account of the Red Queen, as they sell for $277.99 a pair (about £190, AU$362).

But they're full of divine details, including tiny playing cards that stick up from both heels, embroidered quotes from "Alice" and a sprinkle-covered, icing-glazed platform that makes it appear you're walking on a doughnut. If heels make you wobble too much during your flamingo-mallet croquet match, the Alice-themed flats are just as ludicrously lively.

On the Curiouser flats, Alice adorns one toe and her kitten Dinah the other, while tiny black bows on the back match Alice's famed headband. This pair, which sells for $198.99 (about £136, AU$260), is covered with a scattering of daisy appliques and boasts red glittery heels.

If the growing and shrinking scenes of "Alice" appeal to you most, check out the Which Way? flats. These feature an Eat Me rosette on one toe, a Drink Me rosette on the other, gold-glitter heels and the words "curiouser" embroidered on one heel and "& curiouser" on the other. They sell for $189.99 (roughly £130, AU$248).

ThinkGeek carries the above three pairs, but other shoes in the line include blue glittery Tea With Alice heels, where the heel itself is a figurine of Alice in her iconic blue dress, and Cheshire Cat flats and heels. They don't slowly disappear, but the heels do light up pink.

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" opens on May 27 in the US and UK and on July 14 in Australia.