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AirPort 3.4 (#5): Solutions for re-establishing a dropped connection; Another downgrade method

AirPort 3.4 (#5): Solutions for re-establishing a dropped connection; Another downgrade method

Solutions for re-establishing a dropped connection For users experiencing frequent connection drop-outs after the AirPort 3.4 update, a few solutions have become apparent:

Switching locations Some users have found that entering the Network pane fo System Preferences, then using the "Location:" pull-down menu to switch configuration sets to a location that does not include AirPort connectivity, and then back to the location that contains AirPort settings restores connectivity.

Using "ifconfig" to reset connection If the above workaround does not work, and turning AirPort off then back on also fails, bringing the AirPort network interface down then back up using the Mac OS X Terminal's "ifconfig" may work. This can be accomplished by using the following Terminal commands, in succession:

  • sudo ifconfig en1 down
  • sudo ifconfig en1 up

On a related note, some users are noticing that this problem (dropped connections) only happens during heavy network load. MacFixIt reader Jimbo writes "I'm noticing this problem during heavy network load. As such, my retrospect backup has not been able to complete since upgrading to Airport 3.4."

Another downgrade method We previously posted a link to detailed instructions for downgrading from AirPort 3.4 to AirPort 3.3.1, a process required for increased signal strength and reduced connection failure for some readers.

MacFixIt reader Peter Moraca now notes a simpler solution that does not require deleting any old files. The solution involves using the shareware tool Pacifist to install the old 3.3 package, then running the 3.3.1 updater traditionally:

Moraca writes "You can use the Pacifist program to open and install the AirPOrt 3.3 and then 3.3.1 packages. After using Pacifist to install 3.3 and following a reboot, the system profiler curiously still showed the airport card firmware as 3.4. I decided to try the to install the 3.3.1 package traditionally by just launching it. It ran normally and after reboot the profiler displays 3.3.1 firmware for airport and reception is back to levels prior to the 3.4 update. Software Update also correctly displays 3.4 as an available update after this downgrade procedure. Pacifist is shareware but has no limitations to try out. This seems to be the most painless method to downgrade. No need to delete any files."

In more explicit steps, Moraca's workaround is as follows::

  • Use Pacifist to open the AirPort 3.3 package, and select it in Pacifist main window
  • Press "install", and choose to replace/update when asked
  • Use Pacifist to open the AirPort 3.3.1 package and again select it in Pacifist's main window
  • Press "install" to, and choose to replace/update when asked


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